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I'm Manolya Yilmaz (MU-noal-yuh YIL-mahz), owner and calligrapher behind Magnolia Letters & Co.

I work on calligraphy, lettering, and engraving projects exclusively for corporate brands, commercial clients

and a select number of weddings throughout the year.

Known as a very traditional art; I try to add a modern, spirited and gentle touch to my calligraphy style.

To me, calligraphy is not limited to just paper. I like experimenting with a variety of surfaces and challenge myself

to write on anything that I can get my hands on.

My background in fashion journalism and marketing allows for an easy and seamless collaboration with brands and PR agencies. I am familiar with how they function and I understand how important it is to make their clientele happy.

I lived most of my life in Istanbul (still go there every year to visit my family), 10 years in Saudi Arabia (part of dad's expat life) and currently in Chicago for almost 3 years, which I love dearly and call home.

When I'm not working, my husband and I love going to thrift stores or estate sales with hopes of finding that Mid-Century gem, making travel plans, going to gigs, cooking-baking (a lot), dreaming about my future puppy, searching for wall art on eBay, going to movies, and pretending to be a foodie.


Feel free to check out my services and send me a message if you have an exciting project around the corner!





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Magnolia Letters & Co.

Chicago, IL

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