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Hi there!

I'm Manolya Yilmaz (MU-noal-yuh YIL-mahz), owner and calligrapher behind Magnolia Letters & Co.

I work on calligraphy, lettering, and engraving projects exclusively for corporate brands

and a select number of luxury weddings throughout the year.

Known as a very traditional art; I try to add a modern, spirited and gentle touch to my calligraphy style.

To me, calligraphy is not limited to just paper. I like experimenting with a variety of surfaces

and challenge myself to write on anything that I can get my hands on.

My background in fashion journalism and marketing allows for easy and seamless

collaboration with brands and PR agencies. I am familiar with how they function

and I understand how important it is to make their clientele happy.

I lived most of my life in Istanbul (still go there every year to visit my family),

1 0 years in Saudi Arabia (part of dad's expat life), Chicago for more than 3 years,

and now in the NW suburbs of the city.

To me, home is truly where your heart is! 

When I'm not working, I spend most of my time with our 3-year-old son

and my husband who is also working in the creative field.

I love:

- Going to thrift stores or estate sales with hopes of finding that Mid-Century gem

- Making travel plans, and actually travel

- Cooking & baking -if you love the Great British Bake Off, you are my people!-

- Going to movies because it's never the same experience as watching at home

- Trying new places in the city and pretending to be a critique

- Listening to music that makes my heart beat! Some of my favorite bands/musicians are

Arctic Monkeys, Morrissey, Twin Peaks, The Vaccines, Whitney,

Damon Albarn and his bands Blur & Gorillaz, Leon Bridges, Wild Beasts (RIP),

War On Drugs, Tame Impala... goes on forever...




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