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Christmas Wishlist - Calligrapher Edition

Are you getting in the Christmas spirit? You've probably started shopping but if you haven't, I have a list for that calligrapher in your life! Or if you're a calligrapher, I'm hoping this list can give you some inspiration for your next splurge.

For those of you who don't know, I've lived in Istanbul mostly of my life and just recently moved to Chicago. Christmas was not a part of our holiday celebrations in Turkey but I now find myself singing along to Christmas songs (admittedly right after Halloween). It's safe to say that I'm a little obsessed! I especially love going to Christkindlmarket, decorating our apartment, drinking hot cocoa at BomboBar, strolling down Michigan Avenue and just enjoy surrounding myself in the festive spirit.

Although we're not exchanging Christmas gifts at home, it's kind of nice NOT having to stress. BUT I wouldn't say no to one of these gifts!

If you're not familiar with calligraphy tools, it would be hard to pick something they would like. So, in the spirit of giving, I've done the dirty work and handpicked a few of my favorite items. Some of these items I already personally own, use and love; and some items are on my own wishlist. This list is not just limited to calligraphy tools but also things we as calligraphers need/want and appreciate when we're in our workspace. Without further adieu, here we go...

Gifts Under $25

1- Uniqooo Wax Seal Stamp - $8.99

Wax seals are an obsession! This blank one gives so much creativity!

2- From Fran Coffee Mug - $25.00

No matter if it's coffee or tea, morning fuel is crucial.

3- Sable Wood Paper Co Envelope Drying Rack - $19

This one is a lifesaver! Not every ink is created equal and some dries slower. Instead of laying envelopes on the desk (mostly dining table) and creating a little mess, this will keep everything in one place.

4- Misby Mug Warmer - $18.99

You can easily forget your warm coffee when you get in the zone. But thankfully, this gadget helps to keep it warm.

5- WestElm Wood Tray - $21.75

This one is great to display pens and will look nice in flat lay photos.

6- Feathers And Stone Handmade Paper - $14.44

Handmade paper is relatively expensive and mostly made by small business owners, so they are really valuable. It's not easy to write on it and I'm sure if a calligrapher is haven't tried them yet, they're most probably dying to try them!

7- Elago Duo AirPods Case - $12.00

Carry those little buds in style!

8- WestElm Plywood Tablet Stand - $20

If someone is using a tablet, this a must-have!

9- Fox and Quill Small Batch Ink - $19.00

These inks are on my list. Heard a lot about them and I'm totally curious! Their bottles look amazing too! Link goes to Peacock color but go check it out their other stuff.

Gifts Under $60

1- Foil Quill Pen by We R Memory Keepers - $26.49

If a calligrapher doesn't have this tool yet, it's 100% on their wish list. You can follow Michael's discounts on this and get it as low as $23, I got mine like that.

2- FineTec Pearl Colors - Metallic Ink - $23.95

I've never tried this one yet but it's a legendary product. You can never go wrong with gold!

3- Artisaire Wax Seal Stamp - $35.00

This brand is specialized in wax seals and stamps. They make the most beautiful ones.

4- Oysho Slippers - $59.90

Working at home needs comfy and stylish slippers. Also, anything from Oysho can make people happy. They have the comfiest loungewear items.

5- Magnetic Stirrer - $25.99

Yes, this stirrer is used in laboratories but calligraphers need this to stir ink. There are lots of overpriced and bulky stirrers on the market but this one is very affordable and has -kinda- better design than others.

6- Otherland Candle - $36

No one says no to a good candle. And as a calligrapher, we can use candles for wax seals too. So it always works.

7- CB2 Marble Tray - $29.95

This can be used as a chic pen rest.

8- Takeya Insulated Water Bottle - $32.99

I have this and I cannot tell you enough how much I love it. 24 oz. size is perfect for keeping it in the car or carrying around as well as using it at home. Hydration is important!

9- WestElm Hyacinth Magazine Basket - $36.75

We have lots of crap, mostly paper. This one is good to move around the house.

Gifts $65 and (waaay) Up!

1- Cricut Maker - $349.00

Possibilities are endless with a Cricut machine. I don't have one and I don't think that I need it because most of my work is hand-calligraphed but this is great for someone who likes to work on different mediums.

2- CB2 Handmade Leather Desk Blotter - $129.00

This will help pointed pen to go on paper smoother.

3- Framed Art Print by Abby Lossing - $108.00

I like Abbey Lossing's colorful style and art is always a good gift!

4- InkMeThis Nib Holder - $96.79

So, this one is not so easy to get. InkMeThis makes this one of a kind nib holders and restocks new ones every Sunday (mostly around 5 pm PST). Because of its popularity, they go so fast! Keep an eye on it!

5- Ikea Drawer Unit - $65.00

On Ikea's website, this looks like used for clothes but I would definitely use this to organize my papers. Size is great! There are a few different options to customize.

6- iPad Pro - $1,249

This is a big buy but if it's in your budget, it's totally worth it! Even though most of my work is on paper, I use my iPad to do sketches, see color combinations and design without paper wasting stress.

7- Luxury Lettering 101 Course - $325

This is the gift that gives back so much! The course is created by talented calligraphers Jodi Tellier (Someday Art Co.) and Sylvia Wong (Via Calligraphy). It's all about taking your calligraphy skills to the next level by helping to land a gig with luxury brands. Calligraphy is a lifelong learning experience so anything helps that is such a great gift.

8- Fox and Quill Leather Pen Roll - $110.00

If a calligrapher is going to on-site works, this a cool thing to carry on with themselves. Inks and pens in a luxurious leather roll.

9- H&M Cashmere Set - Pants $129.00 Sweater $129.00

These are selling separate but that would be so nice if they come as a set. I love working from home but I'm not in my PJs all the time and love to wear soft but also stylish pieces. I mean, who doesn't love cashmere?

10- Luis Creations Ink Stirrer - $79.90

The difference between this and the previous ink stirrer above is, this one is battery operated, no cables needed so it's perfectly portable to carry where ever you go.

11- Office Chair - $299.00

It's really hard to find an office chair that doesn't look like any other corporate office chair. This one is cuuuute! And looks very comfortable.

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